Oral Rehabilitation in Alliston, Tottenham, Beeton, Cookstown, Angus
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Oral Rehabilitation

Oral Rehabilitation

Oral rehabilitation or full mouth rehabilitation is often required in many individuals. This may be due to various reasons. One of the primary reason for considering full mouth rehabilitation is the presence of multiple dental problems like missing or broken teeth, discolored teeth, pain in the jaw joints, unexplained pain in the oral region, headaches, multiple cavities, improper bite pattern and inability to chew efficiently. In many cases the dental needs are often ignored until the problems become severe. Improper fillings or changes in the bite pattern following abnormal wear of teeth can often lead to unexplained pain in the jaws. Many people suffer from bruxism (disorder where you tend to grind your teeth while asleep) which causes pain in the jaw joints. Many others may not be able to bite, chew or talk properly due to multiple missing teeth.

A thorough dental examination is performed in such cases to completely evaluate the dental problems and form a treatment plan. The treatment may range from simple fillings to the use of specialized devices to change the bite pattern

During the full mouth rehabilitation program the dental needs are evaluated by a team of multispecialty dentists who form an elaborate treatment plan. The teeth and muscle functions are evaluated with the use of computerized scanning machines. Impressions of the teeth and record of the biting pattern may be taken to simulate the jaw movements and check for abnormalities.

Once the final treatment plan is formed, the treatment is initiated. This may involve a series of treatment procedures involving cleaning of your teeth, insertion of veneers, implants, selective grinding of existing teeth and replacement of crowns or dentures. Additionally, muscle relaxation therapies such as TENS may also be advised. Orthotic devices may also be advised to be used to change your bite pattern to a more comfortable one

The overall treatment may extend for a period of one year. The outcome of full mouth rehab has been noted to be outstanding in most cases. Individuals have been able to talk, chew and enjoy social life like never before.

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