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  • New Patients Welcome at Alliston Smiles Family Dentistry
    In recent years we have learned more about how oral health plays a crucial role in our overall well-being. Good oral hygiene routines keep our smiles bright and beautiful and our breath fresh. They also prevent cavities and gum disease keeping your body healthy too. At Alliston Smiles Family Dentistry, one of the most important dental functions we perform is to provide regular checkups to our clients. We are not only equipped and experienced to provide highly advanced dental treatments but our most important role is to make sure that as many of our patients as possible avoid the need … Read more
  • A World of Happy Smiles
    Every tooth in a man’s mouth is more valuable than a diamond on his head, and your dentist is your safe keeper. Dentistry is more about relationships and building trust. When you come to us at Alliston Smiles Family Dentistry, we treat you like our family. We try to do what’s best for you, listen to you, and try to take care of your needs. Speaking of trust, we would like a talk about a few facts and myths related to teeth and dentistry: Fact or Myth: If you have a cavity you will know it: Myth. Mild tooth decay … Read more
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