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Dental Team

Our Doctors

Dr. Giridhar Ponnam

Dr. Giridhar Ponnam graduated with honours from University of Toronto. He has extensive experience in General and Cosmetic dentistry. He has special interest in Endodontics, Dental implants and Cosmetic dentistry procedures. He is dedicated to the field of dentistry and keeps abreast of the latest dental advancements.

He is able to find the best solutions to any dental problem you may have, or counsel you about ways to improve your overall oral health. He is a greatest advocate of patient education, informed consent and spends that extra while to let every patient know in detail about every treatment that they get in our office. Again we reiterate that our primary goal is to provide our patients with the latest in dental technology to provide the highest quality dental services required to maintain optimal oral health.

Dr. Manpreet Virk

Our Staff

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